Westwood House is a lovely Guest House in the centre of Dorchester, Dorset.

The Service

R.U. Secure were asked to quote for a new WiFi Network that would provide reliable WiFi for its guests throughout this Georgian townhouse set over 5 floors.

After walking around the whole property, R.U. Secure realised the basement was the main challenge for this project, as the structure of the building was steel. Steel and other metals disrupt WiFi signals and R.U. secure had to find a good solution to ensure this WiFi network worked for the basement rooms just as well as the rest of the property.

A TP Link WiFi Network using Deco M5s & M9s was designed, with one WiFi device per floor to give the reliable WiFi coverage required. The Deco M9 wireless hardware is particularly useful as it can also connect directly to compatible smart home devices, such as lights and sensors.

The WiFi installation took a couple of hours to complete and the clients have been extremely happy with its performance.

Westwood House Guest House owner says

“Rus from R.U. Secure gave us a good quote for the new WiFi network, after walking around the whole property. He kept us informed throughout the process, from ordering the parts to arranging the WiFi installation date. I’m very pleased with the service we received and the WiFi system is superb.”

TP Link WiFi Network Installation in Dorchester, Dorset